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Animal Incinerators – The Optimal Solution For Animal Waste

Animal incinerators

Animal waste such as cattle carcasses, and poultry carcasses, when sick and dead, if not handled properly, will cause environmental pollution, endangering the health of co-workers, garbage disposal staff, and the environment. seriously affect the human living environment.

  1.   The urgency of handling animal waste

Along with the improvement of people’s living standards and the deepening of industrialization and modernization, waste is also generated more and more with complex and diverse compositions. If we do not have an appropriate method to handle this amount of waste, it will pollute the environment and affect public health.

Animal incinerators

                                                     Animal incinerators

Currently, burial is still the most common method to dispose of dead animal carcasses in many countries around the world. The main advantage of landfill technology is that it is less expensive and can process large numbers of carcasses immediately compared to other technologies. However, landfilling causes other forms of pollution such as water pollution, odors, flies, and insects. Furthermore, it is not possible to apply landfill technology to thoroughly treat the harm caused by the epidemic. In addition, in the current urbanization process, the land fund is increasing, leading to difficulties in choosing a landfill site. Therefore, incineration is the only method that destroys and neutralizes animal waste. This should be done wherever possible.

  1.   Why use AIPT animal incinerator?

The animal carcass incinerator manufactured by AIPT Vietnam Joint Stock Company is considered a new technology of waste treatment by incineration combined with a pollution control system. Animal carcass incinerators are researched, researched, and manufactured by the company’s engineers, applying advanced and environmentally friendly technologies. The technology of using a high-temperature incinerator to destroy animal carcasses, and destroy disease-causing bacteria thoroughly, combined with a modern smoke and dust treatment system to ensure emissions into the environment meet the requirements of environmental standards and air quality standards.

Animal incinerators

                                           (AIPT Animal Incinerator)

  1.   Advantages of AIPT animal waste incinerator.
  • The animal carcass incinerator is designed to process animal carcasses by pyrolysis technology combined with an absorption tower system (optional) and a cyclone dust filter system to ensure that the exhaust gas exits safely for the environment.
  • The incinerator has a compact size and high efficiency, and can thoroughly treat many types of mixed household waste, animal carcasses, medical ….
  • Burns and destroys pathogenic microorganisms, and pollutants, and the volume of solids is significantly reduced.
  • Dispose of animal carcasses in a short time.
  • The furnace can work continuously for 20 hours/day and 7 days/week
  • Burner capacity: 15-500kg
  • The temperature of the combustion chamber is easy to control, the system consists of 2 combustion chambers in the primary combustion chamber, the temperature is usually 700-900ºC and the secondary chamber temperature is over 850ºC with a combustion time >2 seconds.
  • There is a high-pressure gas supply system to create disturbance and penetrate deeply into the carcass of the animal to help the combustion process be more thorough, and faster, and increase the efficiency of the furnace’s combustion process.
  • The control panel will show all control functions of the furnace and its operating status. The temperature of the furnace is always monitored through the display
  •  Small initial investment cost, easy to deploy and install.
  •  Low operating, maintenance, and maintenance costs
  • High economic efficiency
  • The furnace is scientifically designed, sturdy, and capable of resisting the harshness of weather.
  • Employing local workers, no need for high qualifications, simple operation, easy to use.
  • AI animal carcass incinerator ISO 9001-2015 (quality management system issued by international standardization organization), ISO 14001:2015 (standard for environmental management system)