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Animal Incinerator – Pet Cremation Solution

incinerator for pet cremation

Why should pets be cremated?

When cats and dogs lose, their owners always want their “best friend” to pass away peacefully and peacefully. In addition, dumping animal carcasses into rivers, streams, ponds or landfills poses a risk of pollution and disease spread, affecting humans and the environment.

Therefore, taking pets to cremation and burial is what many families want to do for them, to bring them to their final resting place.

incinerator for pet cremation

How should pets be cremated?

Many people think that pet cremation is simply burning, but improper cremation will make it difficult to completely incinerate the animal and pollute the environment. So when pets die, owners need to take them to pet cremation centers because there are animal carcass incinerators that meet quality standards.

About AIPT ‘s animal incinerator

AIPT is a company specializing in providing animal incinerators for veterinary centers and pet cremation centers.

ME-30 is a small pet crematorium manufactured by AIPT Joint Stock Company based on modern technology according to European standards. The furnace is specialized for domestic pet cremation, compact and convenient size can be installed anywhere, especially at veterinary clinics.

The crematorium has a destruction capacity of up to 50kg/time, suitable for creating small and medium-sized pets.

incinerator for pet cremation

incinerator for pet cremation

 Advantages of AIPT ‘s animal incinerator

  • The furnace shell consists of 3 layers (5mm thick steel shell, refractory bricklayer, and insulation layer), good heat resistance
  • Electrical cabinets automatically control, allowing appointment time to operate.
  • Programmable operating time and temperature automatically.
  • Fast heating time, stable temperature.
  • Save fuel, use DO oil, FO oil, or waste oil,…
  • Separate ashes door, convenient when recovering ashes.
  • Modern burner system, automatic ignition.
  • The furnace has an automatic control system with temperature sensors to help control the furnace temperature, automatically turning on and off at a predetermined time to save fuel.

Designed according to European technology, meets emission regulations, and does not produce smoke and odors.