AIPTGROUP is one of the leading technology companies in Vietnam

Specializing in providing advanced technology products and solutions, taking the lead in designing, manufacturing and exporting to the animal, medical, industrial, mobile and bespoke incinerators.


Products range from a small 15kg incinerator system to a fully automatic loading and de-ashing high capacity 5000kg/hour rotary system with state of the art gas filtration.

Our certificate:

ISO 9001: 2015

ISO 14001: 2015




Aiming the goal of exporting our incinerator products to the world, we focus on the research and development of new technology to improve product quality to suit a variety of customer needs. To ensure that we could deliver continued innovation and value, and set ourselves apart in a growing market, we developed a complete waste management offer including in the development, design, assembly, exporting, installation, user training, and service of our products.

Our multilingual in-house team and highly skilled with access to modern technology from advanced countries, providing us with a competitive advantage and a better understanding of our clients' markets and cultures, ensuring us to grow the lasting relationships

Our global dealer network will help products reach customers faster with excellent quality after-sales service. We care about the customer's experience and use of the service, any feedback we receive will be an essential factor to improve the quality and reputation of the brand.