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Animal Incinerator


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AIPT supplies the most efficiently, robust incinerators in the worldwide market today. Our incinerators machines are renowned for their strength, reliability & longevity.


Simply build them better and give great customer service

AIPT Medical Incinerators provide the most advanced solution in the treatment of medical waste, infectious waste and hazardous waste. Stable operation, high economic efficiency, environmental protection during operation. AIPT  GROUP provides the perfect solution for hospitals and medical facilities.

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Animal Incinerator


Our products are manufactured though process

  • The systems are designed to be 50% more efficient than conventional furnaces and are manufactured according to the supervision of a team of technical experts. The equipment uses specialized materials to ensure stability during operations and maintain the life of the furnace.

•   Quality standards: ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015


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We are committed to providing customers though equipments and professional technical support services


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